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UTP/STP Stripper
Rachet Crimper for RJ11/12 / RJ45
110 Punch Down Tool
Cable Cutter
Cable Tester for UTP/STP/ Coax

Easy grip handle
RJ45 / 8P8C Crimper
Cuts, Strips & Crimps

Easy grip handle
110/88 Type
Punch down & Cuts
Part Number
RJ45CT RJ45 Crimp Tool, Metal
110PD 110 Punch Down Tool, Metal
TK-WT Network Tool Kit with Tester

Networking Kit-1000FT Cat 5E 350Mhz Stranded Bulk Cable with Professional Networking Kit

Cat 5E 350MHz Stranded Bulk Cable with a compact remote terminator that slides into the master unit casing. Use it to quickly test network cables such as TIA568A/568B, Token Ring and 10/100Base-T cables for continuity, shorts and open wires. High speed testing of UTP/STP and Coaxial cables, Verifies adherence to 10BASE-2, 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T, TIA-568A, TIA-568B and Token Ring wiring standards, Verifies shield integrity, Plug-and-test capabilities (no on/off switch).

EasyPull 1000' Cat 5E 350Mhz Stranded Cable
Lan cable Tester
RJ45 Crimp Tool
100 RJ45 Connectors
Wire Stripper
Wire Cutter
Punch Down Tool
Carrying Case
Part Number
NTK Professional Networking Kit
Available in: Blue, Black, White
Stranded and Solid

Cable Stripper

Part Number
CS Cable Stripper


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