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Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

50/125 Multimode Duplex
Singlemode: PC,Super PC, Ultra PC, & Angled PC.
Preterminated Multistrand Assemblies

CP Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies are the solutions to today’s requirements for high-speed communications. CP Technologies cable assemblies combine the industry’s best optical fiber glass from Corning terminated to industry standard ceramic ferrules. CP fiber optic jumpers provide today’s high speed networks with peak optical performance, reliability and durability.
MultiMode SingleMode
Interconnect Compatibility ANSI/TIA/EIA 604-3 FOCIS 3 ANSI/TIA/EIA 604-3 FOCIS 3
Insertion Loss ANSI/TIA/EIA 604-3 FOCIS 3 3dB
Return Loss n/a -45dB
Connector Types ST, SC, MTRJ, LC ST, SC, LC
Jacket Types 3mm, OFNR 3mm OFNR
Boot Color(s) Red/Black(ST & SC), White(LC) Yellow(ST),

Mode Conditioning Fiber Duplex

Often used for Gigabit Ethernet when launching singlemode into multimode. These fiber optic cables feature two strands of multimode 62.5/125 micron fiber cable terminated at both ends with SC connectors, however one SC connector is spliced into singlemode. Maximum signal loss of 1dB covers both the splicing and the insertion loss. PVC jacket. Plenum and custom lengths available.


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