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Cat 6 555Mhz Patch Cord

ETL Verified Cat.6
Custom configurations available
100% tested for continuity and performance
Molded strain relief minimizes attenuation and maximizes performance by maintaining conductor twist
Available in 7 brilliant colors
Special soft plastic for easy thumb depression on snagless tab
Exclusive Lifetime Warranty
Applications Supported - 10Base-T, 100Base-T, 155Mbps ATM
Part Number
Descr. Conn(s) Pairs Config
C6IVBOXX-003F Cat 6 3ft Moldeded Boots/No Boots RJ-45 4 568B
C6IVBOXX-005F Cat 6 5ft Molded Boot/No Boots RJ-45 4 568B
C6IVBOXX-007F Cat 6 7ft Molded Boot/No Boots RJ-45 4 568B
C6IVBOXX-010F Cat 6 10ft Molded Boot/No Boots RJ-45 4 568B
C6IVBOXX-014F Cat 6 14ft Molded Boot/No Boots RJ-45 4 568B
C6IVBOXX-025F Cat 6 25ft Molded Boot/No Boots RJ-45 4 568B

Cat 6 555Mhz Patch Panel

ETL verified Cat. 6
Wiring label insert for 568A or 568B
110-type termination
Industry standard 19” horizontal rack mount
Available in 12, 24, 48 port
Part Number
Cat. Ports Jacks/
6PP-12P 6 12 RJ-45/110 T568A/T568B
6PP-24P 6 24 RJ-45/110 T568A/T568B
6PP-48P 6 48 RJ-45/110 T568A/T568B

Cat 6 Keystone Jacks

Application: CAT 6
Low profile 110 termination block
Optimum clearance for high density applications
ETL certified
Available in colors: Black, Blue, Green, Beige, Red, Yellow, White
Part Number
Cat. Jacks/
6KJ-XX 6 RJ45/110 T568B

Cat 6 550Mhz, Solid or Stranded Cable

Category 6 bulk wire is capable of handling the next generation network applications which will utilize full duplex operation and/or simulataneous bi-directional transmission. TIA/EIA Category 6 compliant, cables that are specified and tested to 550MHz. Both the stranded and solid conductor cable is available, and comes packaged in our plastic reel in a pull box. Stranded conductor bulk wire comes in a 24awg, PVC jacket, while the solid conductor bulk wire is 23awg with a plastic center spline that ensures pair seperation.

UL Listed
ETL Verified Cat 6
Solid or Stranded
Various colors

Part Number
B6VSD-XX Cat6 Horizontal Cable, Stranded Conductors, PVC Jacket:

Colors Available: Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Red,White, Yellow
B6VST-XX Cat6 Horizontal, Solid Conductors, PVC Jacket

23 AWG, With Center Spline Colors Available: Blue, Gray, White


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